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Helping Retailers To Grow Their Business

My Jeweller : A First-Of-Its-Kind Of Platform In The Indian Jewellery Market. The App Offers All Jewellers To Create Their Own Online Store, Facilitating New Customer Acquisition, Offering Them Better Services And Expanding Business Beyond Boundaries.

My Jeweller Advantages are :

Customised Online Store

Customer Feedback

Product Based Customer Enquiries

Pre Created Loyalty Program

Pre Created Referral Program

Virtual Try On

Inbuilt O-Locker for Jewellery Insurance

Customer Engagement Modules

My Jeweller App Features

Plug-n-Play Solutions

Zero Investment

Zero Maintenance

Most Comprehensive Solution

About My Jeweller

We are Positivity Businesses Private Limited, a company dedicated to bring benefits to Indian Jewellery Industry by integration of friendly technology in its core. Through our cutting edge and industry defining product O-LOCKER, we have been able to capture imagination of both jewellery retailing industry and a huge number of jewellery buyers.

O-LOCKER is now a name synonymous with jewellery insurance and is trusted by more than 800 retailers across 20 states of India. O-LOCKER has helped 5 Lac plus jewellery owner in fearlessly enjoying their jewellery with its customized insurance program and has settled more than 98% claims received.

Its our sincere belief that Jewellery industry and its each factor- Jewellery manufacturer, wholesalers, retailers, designers and end consumer can benefit a long way by active adoption of technology and latest trends/practices which are being followed by jewellery trade & other consumer facing industry globally. Our efforts in form of MYJEWELLER app shall galvanise our industry�s journey towards becoming fully digitalized and customer centric.

Jumpstart your growth in just few clicks


EASY TO SET UPOnline Store

Easily Set Up Your Online Jewellery Store & Reach New Customers.


SIMPLE TOEngage Customers

Share new offers, designs & collections & engage customers.



Let them pre-shop from the comfort of home.



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Some frequently asked questions

  • Myjeweller app is an offering from positivity businesses private limited aimed at helping jewellery retailers create Their omni channel presence.

  • In today’s rapidly digitizing era, its important to reach to wherever your client is. No more you can expect and wait for your clients to come to you. Many online players in Indian market like Caratlane have started creating offline stores now. By doing so they can bring the touch & feel experience to their online clients. Having a presence in online as well offline space is called omni channel presence.

  • Having a website and having an online business are 2 different things altogether. Besides penetration of mobile and cheap internet has made mobile phones everything to your target clients. It makes sense to reach to target client via mobile app rather than website
  • Myjeweller app comes replete with features needed to keep the client engaged, which may not be available on your website or which may take large investment and time for you to build.

  • You can definitely create your own app, provided you have a handle on technology. Deciding to create an app requires one to figure correct technology stacks, identify right set of vendors or employ right set of employees. Additionally hosting an app requires a constant interventions, updates, upgrades etc- basically it requires a proper back end infrastructure.
  • You can also decide to outsource everything to an outside agency, however their solutions are customized and any changes as per your requirements result into a lot of additional spends.
  • In both options, the maintenance costs are going to be there. Additionally, you will still need to figure how to get the app downloaded. App downloading and retaining are far bigger challenges.

  • Myjeweller app has been planned to assist complete online presence for retailers. It’s a completely flexible plug n -play solution which will help retailers go online without bothering for anything.
  • Myjeweller comes replete with 360 degree client engagement features like virtual try on, loyalty, referral, 3rd party deals, feedback & product enquiry modules.
  • Myjeweller comes with pre built O-Locker modules, which ensure that there are app downloads happening without retailer trying way too much or spending a lot more.
  • To know about complete features, kindly contact us for demo.

  • The products can be uploaded manually one by one. Or
  • Can be imported en-masse with the help of bulk import features.

  • your customer sees your products on your app in form of collections & categories and you must assign your products at least one category & collection at minimum.
  • You can create your own collection OR simply choose pre created collections by us
  • You can upload your own creatives OR simply choose creatives from our creatives library
  • You can always control which collections to show in the app via manage collection feature

  • Yes

  • For details, kindly get in touch with us by calling at 8080292343 or by writing us at